Frozen lakes and proximity to the Arctic Circle: unusual skating rinks in Russia

The first snow, illumination and the proximity of the New Year holidays create a special fabulous mood. One of the mandatory attributes of the winter holidays is ice skating rinks. We made a selection of the most unusual from different cities of Russia from Moscow to Kamchatka. We also remind you that Black Friday is […]

Wintering in warm regions. Part 2

Seeing your interest, we decided to continue the topic of wintering in warm regions. The first review article about five countries can be read here, and today we will talk about a few more, and this time we will support our theoretical calculations with the practical experience of those who lived there. Philippines The Philippines

Winter Yalta: snowboarding on Ai-Petri and mulled wine by the sea

While the ski resorts of Sochi are crowded with tourists, the Yalta embankment is free for leisurely promenades against the backdrop of snow-dusted mountains. Here you will find modern cafes for every taste, where you can have lunch overlooking the sea and stock up on hot mulled wine for your walks. In Yalta and its

Winter discounts in Europe: when to go and where to go

Winter discounts are a great opportunity to cheaply replenish your wardrobe. During this period, in all stores in Europe, from luxury brands to mass markets, prices fall by 50-70%. We will tell you when discounts start in each country, share life hacks and useful addresses that will help you buy the things you like even

Winter sales in Europe: where to go shopping

December in Europe is one of the most fun months of the year: holidays and carnivals, Christmas markets, vacations and, of course, winter sales. Europeans consider winter discounts to be the most profitable and prefer to buy shoes and outerwear during Christmas sales, when prices are reduced by 70-80%. We will tell you about the

Winter as a reason to play sports

Snow is not a reason to give up your favorite sport if it is considered a summer sport. On the contrary, winter is the time to reconsider your habits and do something new and unusual. What, we tell you below. 1. Icekarting Ice racing on karts – in other words, ice karting – only looks

Where to go for New Year's holidays

New Year’s holidays this year will last ten whole days, from December 31, 2021 to January 9, 2022. And this is a great reason to go on a trip. We tell you how to have an interesting time and where you can go. St. Petersburg If you love mass celebrations and the bustle of the

Where to go on a New Year's holiday abroad

New Year holidays are a period during which many consider the opportunity to travel. And in a situation where not all destinations are available for travel, it is important to understand what you can choose from and what entry rules apply to a particular place. We have prepared a selection of vacation spots in late

Good neighborly relations in winter

In search of new views, sensations and emotions, people are increasingly moving as far from home as possible. Nobody argues that exotic countries are beautiful, but sometimes a traveler can make incredible discoveries in a neighboring country. Scenic views and breathtaking landscapes can be just around the corner in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. But

What to see in Adygea in winter

Adygea is a republic in the south of Russia, which is famous for its pristine nature and unique landscapes. Winters here are mild, without frost, but there is an opportunity to find yourself in a real fairy tale among the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus and frozen waterfalls. How to get there It is more

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